Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a deck, patio, and a porch?

In different areas of the country wash have different meanings, inn this area a deck is a framed area with a floor made of either wood or a composite( man made) floor.
A patio is ground level platform usually covered in natural or man made stone’s
A porch can be a deck our patio worth a roof over it.

2. Can you repair my existing deck or patio?

In general, yes however when we do we are required to bring the project up top current coding and most times that’s as much or more than rebuilding and you have an old project without a warranty.

3. Can I convert an existing room in my house into a sunroom?

Depends on the project specifications, sometimes it’s easiest and less expensive to just to add a new area.

4. Duo you work on new builds or just existing homes?

Both, however most developers or new home builders won’t allow anything to be built until you have closed and own the prosperity.

5. What materials are best to use for a deck?

With the pricing of wood being so high most are now finding that composites are becoming more popular

6. How much input do I get in the design process?

There are only two thing that really limit what you can do with your decking project. First is code compliance and the second is your budget.

7. What prep work do you do?

We can usually do Ashby preparations to the job site, with the exception of removing trees larger than a couple inches or terrible structural issues on your home. That being said, upon removing an old deck er found that the previous builder didn’t”flash” ( waterproof) the area when installing the original deck and it had rotted the framing in the wall under the deck. Luckily, the wall has only sunk a couples inches and we were able to repair it without having to bring in an engineer.

8. What does the process of adding a deck look like?

We visit your home and inspect the area, discuss the project, show you some pictures and tell you a bit about our company and then deign what you want in 3d. 95 pervert of the time we are able to price your project then.

9. Can you work in any kind of weather conditions?

Rain and snow are usually the only challenges as the safety of our crew and your home is our priority

10. Can I live in my house while you build?

Haven’t had one that folk had to leave yet. Realize that we use power tools and it will be noisy. I customer with migranes bought noise cancelling headphones and one couple with a new born took the baby to a friend’s for a nap.

11. How long will it take to build a deck?

Tricky question as size, weather and scheduling inspections are variables. Most times a deck of less than 400sqft will take under 2 weeks. Larger decks and porches can take 4-6 weeks or longer.

12. How long will it take to add a sunroom to my house?

Depends on type, whether stick built off a kit. Conventional construction takes longer ion site and the kids take longer to arrive.

With conventional construction once you approve our plans, we send to the county for permitting and can usually start construction within weeks after permitting. Most of these are completed within 5-7 months( dependent on your county’s permitting) and the kit rooms are taking 8-16 months in preproduction but are usually able to be installed within a few weeks.

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